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I’ve pretty much abandoned keeping this page up to date, for the latest exploits in building models its best to check out the most recent posts in the ‘model’ category, you can check that out here.

  • March 2013
  • December 2012
  • October 2012
    • I’ve finished the Sea Nymph and she has been on the pond many times, so I’ve tidied up its page.
    • Focus returns to the Diamond Demon, as such I’ve added a bit more on the page about it, including a list to all the build
    • I’ve sold three models recently, so I’ve tidied up their pages, which will see no further updates:
  • September 2012
    • Added a boats section, containing only one item so far…
    • Added a page for Sea Nymph
    • Added a page for the Phoenix 2000.
  • August 2012
    • Bit of a re-org. I’ve added RC, FreeFlight and CL sub categories to Models->Aircraft and Electric, Nitro to Models->Cars.
    • Also moved all the old models I no longer own to Historic->Model. And added a list to the bottom of the Historic index page.
    • DB Mini Tyro – Moved the build out into a separate page. And added a table of specs at the top. I’m going to try and have a specs table for every model I build, it is useful meta data that I never remember to store anywhere else.
    • Weasel – now has a specs table.
    • Cambrian P51 – now has a specs table.
  • June 2012 – update 2
    • Added a little page about the S-Pou with a gallery of some shots taken during the build.
    • The P51 has flown, not without incident but promising!
    • I picked up a bargain at Wings and Wheels – A ParkZone Pole Cat for 40 quid!
    • Also picked up an AcroWot! Very chuffed with this, looking forward to the build and getting it airborne.
  • June 2012
    • I’ve added a page about my xmas present, the Cambrian P-51.
    • I had a few moments spare, and enough stuff lying around that I knocked up a Sharkface.
    • The Sukhoi is no more, but…
    • A LiddleRod was built to house its electronics.
  • February 2012
    • I passed my BMFA A certificate!
  • January 2012
    • Blade 120 SR – I’ve sold the little 120SR, It’ll be missed but the space and the money was needed!
    • DB Mini Tyro – Free plan in November RCM&E
  • October 2011
  • September 2011
    • Tidied up this page, moving the historic information here and adding this What’s new list.
    • HPI Savage – I’ve decided to sell this because it isnt used much and I want the money to put towards a Blade 450
    • WOT 4 MK2 ARTF – Created a page about this aircraft, and added a small gallery of shots of it.
    • Dream Flight Weasel Evo – Put up a few pics, but no words yet, of my little sloper.

List of models


(in rough order of build)





I’ve a todo list of a few things I’d like to build, currently this list can be found here.

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