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This is a list of things I’d like to build, both cars and aircraft and maybe a few other things which crop up!

  1. Frog Wren

This one is down to Gray from RC Model World, in an email exchange he attached the pic of the lovely blue and white example you can see here. After seeing that, I just have to build one! Plans, can of course be obtained from Mike over at The House of Frog.

  1. Keil Kraft Nomad

This is the one which started the email chain mentioned above, Gray mentioned in his column that he had some plans and scans of the parts and anybody who wanted a copy should email him. I have a mirror of the plans here.

  1. Tamiya Hotshot (Part #58391 (Broken link

Another on my list of ‘always wanted’. I remember it coming out as a kid, I had a Hornet at the time which I loved, but the Hotshot was the one I would have traded my Hornet in for!

Update February 2011: I’ve just been given this as a birthday present, yay! Hope to find time to build it soon!

Update March 2011: This is now finished and looking good, more details here.

  1. Westwings Sea Fury
Coming up to Christmas 2009 my wife asked me what presents I would like, I had been following [this]( build log over at rcgroups for a little while so I said I'd fancy a [Westwings Sea Fury]( Well 2010 seems to have flown by way to quickly and we are now into 2011 and it is still not started. I have a list I'm working through and I'm not buying anything new until I finish everything on the list! I'd rather be surrounded by completed models than models in boxes 🙂
  1. Keil Kraft Phantom A while ago I found my old PAW 149 sitting in a box in the loft, what better home for it than in a old time control liner!
<span style="color: #ff0000;">Update Jan/2011</span>: I received this as a Christmas present from my lovely wife. Next task is to find time to build it.

<span style="color: #ff0000;">Update May/2011</span>: Having finished the [Piper](/models/aircraft/keil-kraft-piper-super-cruiser-converted-to-electric-rc/), I've now made a start on this. More details can be found [here](/models/aircraft/keil-kraft-phantom/).
  1. ParkZone Extra 300I really like the look of this Extra 300 from ParkZone. Nice RCGroups review here.
  1. Little Bug, this is absolutely gorgeous! Build log here.
  2. Tamiya Sand Scorcher (Part #58452 (Broken link ~~ was an absolute classic when I was a kid, I was tempted by the Re-release kit, but at nearly £300 it was way more than I would want to pay. In early January I saw a competition to win one in a magazine, I entered thinking I’d never hear any more of it, but to my amazement just last week I was told I had won and it was on its way to me! I’ve a bit of a backlog to get through at the moment, so it will have to sit in the box waiting its time!
  1. Pix-E Major I saw this covered in a recent issue of RCM&E and also in this build thread on RCGroups. I think it is a lovely little aircraft, am seriously tempted to have a go once the Phantom is finished.

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