This is a lovely little aircraft, the kit is made by Stevens Aero in the US, I found it being sold in the UK by Micron Radio Control.

December 2015

Sadly on one of the evenings I had a collision with a multi rotor, suffice to say my balsa creation came off worse. Not fancying the repair job I gutted it for the gear and binned it. A Rockette was purchased to replace it though!

September 2015

I’ve decided to sign up to my clubs indoor flying sessions again, so this and the S-Pou are out of hibernation and flying again.

July 2013

After flying this a lot at the Wanstead indoor meetings I’ve had to retire it to the loft due to our recent move and the lack of anywhere to fly indoors. Hopefully one day it’ll be used again!

June 2012

I have to say the kit is really nice, the balsa was all similar density, the nicest laser cutting I’ve seen meant the bits practically fell out. The constuction is pretty much self jigging thanks to the 10s of litle tabs which interlock. You simply have to dry fit the components and then run some thin cyano along the join.

The gear for this is coming from my long dead Sukhoi, which proved to be too much of a handful for me to fly indoors, and well, I prefer something larger outdoors.

The only snag I’ve found so far is that the wire from the motor to the AR6400 is a little short and will require lengthening, my souldering isnt brilliant and the wires are pretty small so I’m a bit nervous about doing this, just need to pluck up the courage

I’ve got a few sheets of Solarfilm Sola-lite covering for the wings, might have a go at that tomorrow.

I didnt bother taking any pics of the build because the brilliant PDF on the StevensAero website shows you pretty much every stage, it can be downloaded here.