I saw this little model in the pages of RCM&E a while ago, so when a club mate offered me a vary damaged Parkzone Micro P51 for not much more than a couple of pints, I jumped at the chance with the intention of gutting it for the electronics to put into an S-Pou. The build was amazingly quick thanks to the clever design and laser cutting, going together in a couple of evenings. Covering was with SolarFilm SoLite which is pretty easy to use, although I had trouble separating it from the back sheet and it does like to stick to itself somewhat! It was fractionally tail heavy when finished which maybe down to the extra trim ontop of the covering, a little blutack in the nose solved that however, resulting in an amazingly relaxing little aircraft. I flew it every month at the Wanstead club indoor meetings for over a year.

Updated Jan 2015

My new club has regular indoor flying evenings, so I’ve taken this out of the loft and fixed up a little minor damage. Hopefully it’ll fly again at the next (Feb) indoor evening.

Update July 2013

Since moving I’ve moved I don’t have access to an indoor flying venues, so it has been put into the loft, one day I hope to find somewhere to fly it, failing that I’ll have to bring myself to selling it!

A gallery of some pics taken during the build is below, click for bigger versions.