I hang out on the RCM&E modelflying.co.uk forum quite a bit and enjoyed taking part in the 2012 Vintage build, in which I built the Mini Tyro. This year the model chosen was the 45" version of Nigel Hawes Tucano, I’ve again decided to take part and have ordered the plan, canopy and wood pack. Hopefully some time in the new year, when I’ve finished the Diamond Demon I can get round to starting it.

Update Summer 2013

After a few months I have finished the Tucano, with only one exception I built it as per plan. That modification was to make the wing removable, which was pretty simple. I just embedded a couple of dowels in the trailing edge and put a bolt through the centre near the leading edge into a ply plate with a captive nut. Adding a wing bandage to reinforce the area where the dowels were.  The power system is as follows:

  • Motor - Turnigy SK-3542-1250kv
  • ESC - Hobbyking SS Series 60-70A ESC
  • SBEC - Turnigy 5A SBEC
  • Battery - 3s 3300 mAh 25~50C LiPo

I’ve not weighed it, but it has enough power to fly out of my hand without a throw which makes the under arm lobs very easy. The finished model is in the pics below, the colour scheme was cut by Tim at ModelMarkings, which made the job of finishing it very simple! The scheme I chose was the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee scheme from the RAF Tucano display team (Broken link ~~http://www.raf.mod.uk/tucanodisplayteam/~~).


I took a few shots while I was building the Tuc, the build photos can be seen here, and the finished model is here.