Finished, but unflown (as of 07/04/2013).


You can see various pictures I’ve taken along the way below and I have written a little bit about each step as well, those posts can be seen here.

Update July 2014

Sadly still unflown, which is slightly ridiculous. After I finish the current build I will get round to it! I’ve robbed it of a RX, but other than that it is still ready to go.


Section Data
Wingspan 1220 mm (48″)
Wingspan 1220 mm (48″)
Wing Loading
Flying Weight 550g
Motor / Engine N/A
Propeller Unknown
Speed Control Unbranded 20A
Flight Battery 850 mAH 11.1V LiPo
Receiver Battery N/A
Servos 9g Turnigy
Controls Rudder, Elevator and Throttle
Construction Balsa, spruce