Spring 2015

With my recent move to electric only flight, the mills has been replaced by a small outrunner and ESC. It is now flying happily on a 450mAh 3s LiPo. I was slightly sad to take the Mills out, however I’m now enjoying flying it rather than just having it hung up in my shed!

Update July 2014

Over the last 18 months or so I have had many enjoyable flights with the Mini Tyro, it is the perfect little aircraft for a calm summer evening. My current flying site restricts when I can fly IC so I am planning on replacing the Mills with an outrunner. I will update this page when I get round to it, which is right after I get the Sbach airborne!

December 2011

Something about the little Mini Tyro really appealed to me when I read the article in RCME which accompanied the updated free plan by Andrew Boddington, so I figured I’d have a stab at building one. I had a (self enforced) deadline of the beginning of December because that is when our second child was due. Needless to say I missed this deadline and I’m now hope to have her finished for Christmas. Hey ho, there is no real rush I suppose! I used to have a DC Merlin which would have been a nice fit, but that has seemingly gone walk-about, Which left me pondering something to power her with, a chance conversation with Peter down at 308 Hobbies resulted in shaking hands on a deal for one of his ‘spare’ Indian Mills. Power plant sorted then, best crack on. For those that are interested, I soldered up a little tin plate tank to give me a bit more duration than the in-built Mills one. The design of which was an exact duplicate of the one I put together for the KK Phantom earlier in the year. I’ve a couple of Hitec HS-55 servos and a Spektrum AR600 receiver.