I’ve long had an itch to own one of these but because they are a bit bigger than I have space to build at home, I’ve never bought one. So when Ripmax announced an ARTF version I knew I was going to have great difficulty resisting!

May 2015

After several seasons enjoying the AW with the big OS up the front I’ve decided that I’d fly it more if it were electric. Our flying field imposes a curfew on IC flying at 19:00 and I fly a lot in the evenings during the summer months. So its out with the fourstroke and in with a outrunner. Current setup is as follows:

  • Turnigy G46 outrunner
  • 60A ESC
  • 5s 4000mAh Lipo.
  • 15x8 APC-E prop

This setup is giving more power than the 81 and is returning flight times of about 7 minutes with moderate throttle usage and about 25% left in the pack after landing. I’m so glad I did the conversion now, I’m taking it to the field pretty much every week whereas when it was IC I was lucky if I could get up there once every few months.

June 2012

Wings ’n’ Wheels happened this (26/06/2012) weekend and I managed to visit and pick one up :) Radio gear is en-route thanks to Kings Lynn Models, and a [OS81A](</models/engines/os-fs81-a/) four stroke has been bought.


I don’t have many photos of the aircraft, but there are a few below. I’ll attempt to take a couple of the electric conversion at some point.