Radio Gear

Air Radios

  • Spektrum DX8 - My main ‘air’ radio, I love it despite it knocking on a bit in age.
  • Spektrum DX6 - Bought primarily to buddy box with the DX8 when teaching the kids, also now finding use on a simmulator.

Surface Radios

  • Spektrum DX2 - My first steerwheel radio, bought from Ebay was a bit beaten up but has served us well for years. Only now is it showing signs of death. About half the time it now refuses to power on, needing a bit of a thump before it wakes up!
  • Spektrum DX4 - Bought so we could run two cars at once, it works perfectly, has travel and expo which is helping the kids tame their B64.
  • Spektrum DX5 Pro - A replacement for the DX2.
  • HPI TX - came with the Bullet, does its job for our needs.
  • Traxxas TX - came with the TRX4, also does its job. I like the switches for the diff locks and the gear ratio selector. I’ve vaguely tempted by the Bluetooth module for it, but havn’t quite convinced myself just yet!

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