Another find from a random batch of Radio Modeller issues I bought from a seller on eBay, I thought I was lucky finding the article about the Jiffy, also in the same batch was an article reviewing the Sonata-E. The review was an enjoyable read, bringing back memories of the aircraft, it was made by the Balsa Cabin, which I’d forgotten. Review shown below, if you want the hires scans click here and here, I have also uploaded a PDF which you can download [here]({{ “/uploads/2013/03/Sonata-E.pdf” | prepend: site.baseurl }}).

The kit was a hefty £18.50! I powered it by a 540 from an old Tamiya Buggy, with a 7.2v NiCad providing the power. I dont recall ever having a ESC to control the motor, I have a vague memory of building a RX controlled on/off switch from a kit.