This was a Christmas present from my wife in 2011. What with the new addition to our family (we had a Daughter to go with our 2 year old son in late November) and general lack of time it took me about 5 months to put together. No bother, there was no rush; especially given the pretty terrible start to the summer we had in 2012.

Powered by my 1980’s vintage OS 25FP and with standard analogue servos, she came in as 2lb 10oz, needing just a smidgen of lead under the tail to get her to balance.

On the maiden flight it was apparent that somehow I’d managed to introduce a good quantity of up-thrust, needing a lot of down elevator to trim out. Subsequently I’ve put some washers under the top two screws of the motor mount which has improved things considerably, now needing just a small amount of down elevator to trim out.

The first flight also ended in a rather inelegant stall onto the deck from about 20-30 foot up. Thankfully the outfield around out patch is soft and covered in long grass, so I got away with just a broken prop. She definitely likes the airspeed to be kept up, far more than the ever forgiving Wot 4.

To summ up, a great little aircraft. The 25 size is perfect to sling in the car ready assembled and just nip up to the patch for a short session. I think when I get bored of the P51 the 25 will find its way into another fun fighter 🙂

2015 Update

After a bit of agonising I decided this wasn’t being flown nearly enough, so on eBay it went. I kept the OS25FP though, which for some unexplainable reason I have an attachment to!

There are two galleries below, one of some shots I took during the final stages of the build and one of finished model.




Wingspan 1066mm (42")
Wing Loading
Flying Weight 1190g (2lb 10oz) (dry)
CG 88mm back from LE on wing cente line
Motor/Engine OS 25FP
Propeller 9x6 APC
Speed Control N/A
Flight Battery N/A
Receiver Spektrum AR600
Receiver Battery 2100 Eneloop NiMH
Servos 3 x Hitec HS-325HB
Controls Aileron (4mm each way), Elevator (12 mm each way), Throttle
Construction Balsa, Ply, Foam wings, Pro film covering with Tamiya acrylics and vinyl decals