In an attempt to try and get my A Certificate I’ve joined a local club (first time ever!) and bought myself something suitable with which to go for it. Its powered by my resurrected OS 40FP, with standard Hitec HS-311 servos and a Spektrum AR8000 receiver. I’ve not yet installed the telemetry module which came with my DX8 which can be used to monitor receiver battery power and engine temperature.

October 2012

This will likely be the last update to this page, I have just recently sold the Wot 4 on eBay, I sold it as a bare airframe; without electronics or a motor, it went for a very respectable price which pleased me no end. After the arrival of the Acro Wot it never saw much action, it is a lovely aircraft, but given space constraints realistically it had to go. Of course that means I have a OS40FP without a home, and a box of 5 servers, battery and a receiver. Hmm, I wonder what they will fit in 😀

June 2012

Nothing much to report on this really, I’ve never been up to the flats without it. I’m guessing I must have 2-3 hours on it at least by now. Starting to get pretty good at tidy loops and stall turns. I’m now practising rolls, I can do pretty neat quick rolls with just a dab of down elevator at the mid point, but I’m now concentrating on slow rolls, needing a good chunk of rudder as it goes round. Even attempted a couple of four pointers last night. And the occasional inverted circuit. All good fun though! Occasionally I find myself thinking a bit more power would be nice and then I find myself looking at a OS55AX, but in all honesty the 40 is fine for me. Currently it is running a 11x7 but I’ve recently started to wonder if I should try and experiment with a few different props, maybe a 12x6 to start with. Certainly cheaper than putting a new motor in it :) The pic on the right was taken up at the flats in early June with the Mini Tyro sneaking into the back of the frame!

September 2011

So after a few months - who would have thought an ARTF could take so long - I got the thing together and thanks to Mark at the Wantstead club it has had its maiden flight. I took control for 10-15 minutes and all was well with the world. Towards the end of my stint there was an audible rattling sound so we declared that was enough and Mark brought her in. When checking over the airframe we noticed the silencer had come loose to the point of almost being completely off. Also one of the wing retaining bolts was hanging out. I thought I had checked these over thoroughly but now I’m not sure. There was a slight vibration at certain revs but nothing too bad, so I tightened up the silencer and wing bolts and we had another flight. The one thing I didn’t check was the undercarriage though! A few circuits into the second flight one of the undercarriage bolts came out leaving it dangling in the air at a nice 45 degree angle. Suffice to say this wasn’t great news. We discussed our options and figured it was likely to rip the bottom out of the fuselage should we attempt a normal landing, this is when Mark suggested bringing her in inverted and trying to land her upside down. I wasn’t sure how keen I was on this approach but thought what the heck, he knows what he is doing, I’ll leave it to him. Suffice to say he got her down in one bit with not even a grass stain on the top of the wings to show for it!

October 2011

I traced the vibrations to a really out of balance kit supplied spinner, so I’ve taken the advice of a couple of club mates and bought myself a nice Aluminium spinner which was perfectly balanced out of the box. I’ve since had a couple more flights with it and all is well. Looking forward to a few more flights before Winter sets in.