I built this little 22” thing while in between models. It is a bit lively to fly, certainly on the 3s setup I had to hand, probably much more suited to a 2s setup. Needed about 14-13 throttle to fly, with about 12 to happily fly out of your hand. Anything approaching full throttle produced so much torque it would roll uncontrollably!

Bit of lively retro fun though. A clubmate has a single channel one, which is scares the hell out of me!

October 2012

I have just recently sold the Sharkface on eBay, I flew it maybe 10-15 times, but it was never quite the right thing for me. I built it entirely from scrap so it didn’t owe me anything and was taking up space so it had to go to make way for something else.


  • Sharkface pulled 120W on a 800mAh 3s Lipo running a 8x6.
  • Weights 10.2 oz
  • Which is 188 w/lb
  • 16.2 amps
  • Motor A2208-17T BRC Hobbies 1100kv
  • 20A Wasp ESC