This was the third model in my return to the hobby, discovered whilst browsing ebay during an idle moment at work. I have vague memories of attempting to build this model as a child, but I don’t think I ever completed it.

The construction is slightly tricky in places namely the main wing spar being tapered along its length and the V-Tail has inset leading and trailing edges. I think this is where I failed as a kid, not having the patience required to carefully taper the spar or to accurately notch the tail components. This time around however I made sure to take my time ensuring everything fitted together nicely before glueing things up, taking special care to ensure all the components were accurately aligned.

I always found fully built up fuselages tricky to build when I was younger, often not getting the sides to quite match; which invariably ends up leading to a twisted final product. I have to say, although the build took much longer than either of the Frog models (RedWing and Tomtit) which came before it I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Cutting out all the components is not something I miss however, having laser cut parts in the A & DB kits really spoilt me!

Again the colour scheme had to be designed with what tissue I had to hand, the light blue being the same colour as the Tomtit wings and the purple being a single sheet I found at the bottom of the tissue box at my local model shop. I created a thread on about this model just after I finished it, you can see that here. Also included below are a few pictures I took of it during construction and after finishing.

October 2012

A very nice man by the name of Dave left a comment on this article wondering if he could possibly make me an offer for the Wagtail. I thought that seeing as I enjoyed the build so much but had never really flown her then maybe a new owner, who would likely fly her more than me was appropriate. So a deal was struck and off she went. I hope he has many happy flights with her.