Frog Tomtit

This was the second model I built after a long gap in the hobby (more detail here). It was a birthday present from my wife along with the Redwing. The build went well presenting few troubles. Although I had some trouble getting Cabane structure aligned properly, but after a bit of fiddling it went together ok.

tomtits This was built from another laser cut kit from A&DB Model Aircraft, the plans having been lovingly tidied up from the original scans and are a joy to work with. If you fancy building one A&DB will supply the same kit I built mine from, or you can download the plans from The House of Frog. After my current build project is complete I might try building another of the Frog Senior Series one from plans.

I spent a good while pondering what colour scheme to choose for this model, having seen such lovely examples in the customer models section of the A&DB site, here and here, eventually going for a two tone blue scheme. Out of the two completed Frog models the I prefer the scheme of the Redwing but this one isnt so bad.

I created a thread on about this model just after I finished it, you can see that here.

The finished model after I created some DIY decals can be seen below, with a slideshow of pictures from my Flickr photos below that. (Click any picture on this page for a larger version).

Frog Tomtit

2 thoughts on “Frog Tomtit

  1. Tom

    Your Tomtit is really beautiful. I am just finishing a scratch built Tomtit and I have really benefitted from your pictures. I would really be interested to know how much rubber you used and what your flying experience with it was like. I will check out the links here now.

  2. Well done – Looks a treat!
    I have happy memories of the Frog Senior Series having built most of them, including the Tomtit, over sixty years ago. I later, rather rashly put a Cox PeeWee 020 in one; it flew fast and furiously and came to an early end. I now plan to ‘radiocontrolify’ a Frog Raven enlarged 150% – wish me luck!
    Keep up the good work.

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