I’m now in my thirties, but I started making flying model aircraft a long time ago, you’ll see below a slideshow of some of the models I made when I was around 14/15. Included in here are things like the Zippy, a free plan in the now defunct Radio Modeller, a couple of Galaxy Models aircraft, something I think was called the Jiffy and finally aĀ Soar Ahead SailplanesĀ Ace, which was the sloper I learnt to glide on. These are all sadly now gone, after 12 years living away from home and showing no interest in model aircraft my Father put them in a skip along with some others when he moved house! I guess he had a point šŸ™‚

Ā Old Models

This is a list of the models of various types (cars/helis/planes) that I’ve owned and either sold, crashed or given away.

Old Photos

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