I think I won this car in a competition, my memory is vague.

I built it up with my son, as usual for Tamiya it was a easy build. We had a lot of fun playing with it, but the brushed motor and NiMH packs just didn’t cut it in most of the places where we ended up running it, smallish twigs and stones just stopped it in its tracks. I’m sure they are fine buggies if you have some smooth, obstacle free places to run them but in the woods, or in the park we found more often than not it was being tripped up. So I listed it on ebay, got a good price for it and bought ourselves a Desert Fox, which has not been without its troubles but has loads of power and pretty much nothing stands in its way.

Below are some shots I took of it for the ebay auction. Its a shame to see any nice model leave, but it made sense to shift it on and fund the purchase of something better than it did to put it in the loft.