As I explain in the historic page, I decided when getting back into the hobby to buy a tough foamie aircraft to (re)learn to fly on and a smaller FF model which would satisfy my desire to build something. I’ve written about the pair of FF aircraft I settled on elsewhere (and here).

Easy Star

This is what I settled on as a suitable aircraft to get back into RC flying with. It is a stock Multiplex Easystar, with the standard motor and a pair of Hitec servoes operating rudder and elevator. I’m using a mini Jeti 35Mhz receiver teamed with a Ripmax Xtra Air222 ESC. a 8 C cell NiMH pack.


I’ve flown it quite a lot now and have definitely got the bug back! So far there has not been any major arrivals. The roughest landing so far was quite recently; there I was, happily practising circuits when all of a sudden things got a bit blustery, my skill at the sticks were not quite good enough to guide her home safely :( Into the deck she plunged from about 10 foot up. The only damage being a nice crack had appeared around the nose area about half way back along the canopy/hatch. Thanks to the wonders of this foam and modern adhesives half an hour on the bench back home and she was right as rain again, ready for another flight.

(Click any picture for a larger version)

Easy Star

September 2011

After many long flights with this throughout 2008, 2009 and 2010 I finally got a little bored of it and wanted something a bit more agile and with ailerons. I went for the Multiplex Merlin at first and then also a Wot 4. As a result the Easystar has sat unused for most of a year so I’ve decided to put it up for sale on eBay. Some lucky chap just got a great trainer for about 20 quid! The few pics below are the shots I took for the eBay auction, sad to see it go really, but I need the space and I’d rather somebody else get some use out of it than just chuck it away.