Blade 130X

Found one of these down at 308 Hobbies for an amazing price. Just couldn’t resist! The battery is on charge so not a lot to say so far!

3 thoughts on “Blade 130X

  1. Nicolas Wolfer


    I have seen you have worked on SPM files, therefore I’m contacting you.

    I’m doing a excel file which will read SPM file for my DX6. 80% are done but I have some issue and would like to see with you if you could help.

    like this one:

    conditionID 82
    percent -6
    rampSpeed 32736
    activePositions %FFFE

    82 is the switch A

    but I have issue to interpret what means =6, 32736 and %FFFE

    any help would be appreciated.



  2. robin

    I’m guessing percent is the throttle setting which is applied when you engage the cut, i.e. if you flip the switch it’ll wind the throttle down to -6. That should be easy to test if you change the throttle cut to say -9 on a setup and grab the file.

    The other two are anybodies guess. Does the DX6 let you control the speed at which the throttle cut is engaged maybe? That might be rampspeed.

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