Christmas present from the Mrs! I’ve never had a EDF before so this ought to be a lot of fun! Pictures are from Hobbyking because I’m not allowed to open mine until Christmas day!

March 2013 update

I’ve now flown this a bunch of times, it is a pretty enjoyable thing to fly. I was surprised by how slow it was to be honest, I thought it would be a lot quicker, it isn’t so slow it is boring and maybe I’m being a bit over critical of it, it is still a blast!

Slightly sadly I didnt give it enough of a shove on the first flight and it nosed in, breaking its nose cone off.  Nothing that can’t be repaired however!

I’ve just noticed the Stinger 2 is up on Hobby King, bit of a bright livery for my liking, but I am liking the metal geared servos and the 4S setup! Must refrain from buying one!