Recently (2015) I’ve switched to all Electric in my fleet, but below is a list of all the IC engines I have in storage in the hope one day I’ll get time to fly with proper engines again.

Indian Mills

Purchased from Peter at Holloway Road Models (formerly HJ Nichols) it has found a home in my DB Mini Tyro for a few years. But since converting that airframe to brushless power it is back in a box.

PAW 149

This little engine was the first IC engine I ever owned. A Christmas present from my father in the early eighties. It originally lived in a Keil Kraft Phantom, which was also my first powered model aircraft. I recently dug it out of my fathers shed and built a new KK Phantom to put it in. This proved two things: 1) The engine still ran fine and 2) I still can’t fly CL very well. As the pictures on the Phantom page show!


This was a eBay purchase, declared as a non runner and priced accordingly. A bit of fiddling around with it and now she runs just fine. I’ve yet to build anything for it though, maybe one day if I start to fly IC again.


My first glow engine, also from the same era as the PAW. Put into my first RC model, a President FlyBoy, which I enjoyed learning to fly with. Sadly no pictures exist of the model. Recently it has been doing stirling service in the front of my Cambrian P51, which I’ve recently sold.


The origins of this engine are a bit of a mystery to me. I saved up my pocket money to buy it at some point in the eighties, but I don’t recall it ever flying. In recent years I found it in my fathers shed gunged up and refusing to turn over. A little bit of TLC got it running again, as good as new. It found a home in a ARTF Wot 4 which was the aircraft I used to get back into the hobby and get me through my A cert.


A impulse purchase at Old Warden a few years ago, it runs fine but has not made it into an airframe. It is a wonderful piece of engineering though and I’m tempted to make a plaque for it and have it on my desk.


The largest engine in my collection by far and another beautifully made motor from OS. This powered my Acro Wot for several seasons before being replaced by an outrunner.  As much as I love the convenience of battery power, the wonderful sound this engine made on a low slow pass is sorely missed!

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