OS FS81-a

May 2015

This engine has been a wonderful source of motive power for my Acro Wot, having given me many pleasurable flights over three years. But this spring I decided to move my fleet over to electric power so has now been removed from the Acro Wot which now has a far less romantic outrunner stuck  on the front. I’m going to keep the engine though in the hope that one day I’ll start to fly IC again.

1st July 2012

Not a lot to say at the moment, but this morning I took delivery of a used OS FS81-a motor I bought via the BMFA Classified ad service.  It is pretty rare I buy an engine, tending to make do with the four I’ve got. However I really fancied an Acro-Wot and something about that plane just suits a Four Stroke!

I’m waiting for a new prop washer and locknut to arrive, and also a couple of props, then I’ll get the thing started on the bench. Can’t wait!





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