After the purchase of the FS81-a I have started to develop a love of four strokes.  One particular size that I have long liked is the small OS FS20,and the sub-sequent update to it, the FS26 and the current FS30. Having done a bit of research I ruled out the 20 which some people considered to be a little short on power. And budget ruled out the new 30, so it was a 26 I was going to look for then.

After a few months watching on eBay and the BMFA Classifieds I saw a few come up and sell, anywhere in the 70-120 (!) price range. The lower end of this is about what I could justify. As luck would have it I managed to attend the Festival of Flight at Old Warden this last Sunday (09/09/2012), I saw a couple of 20s while browsing the stalls, eventually finding the FS26 you see below, I haggled a bit, eventually paying £65 and leaving happy.

I bolted it to my test stand this morning and ran half a tank through it, all seems completely fine. It throttled well, held a nice steady idle and was happy at full bore. Happy me then! Now… What to build to put it in.

I’ve put some pics below and a video of it running below that.

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