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Edge 540qq rudder servo replacement


So a while back I managed to stuff my Edge 540 hitting the nose quite hard and breaking the prop. When I picked it up I noticed the rudder was all loose suggesting I had stripped the gears in the rudder servo.  No worries I thought, how could it be to find a new servo? Well the answer is, quite tough indeed!  The official part # is EFLR7100, I couldn’t find any UK stockists and going by the USD price I figured if I could find one it would likely be 20 quid or so which seemed a little steep.

After quite a search I found the TGY-D1290P from Hobby King, this fitted perfectly, even including the little JST connectors enabling it to connect directly to the AR6310 Spektrum RX which is supplied with the aircraft.  There is a handy extension cable buried in the fuselage, so the length of cable supplied with the servo is sufficient.

I’ve had four flights since replacing the servo, all good!

Beaver construction finished

Well a little under 2 weeks after I started, I’ve finished the construction of the Beaver.  Last night I spent a good while giving it a thorough sanding to ensure there were no rough edges that would stick through the tissue, now she is ready for covering.

I’ve yet to decide what scheme to paint her in, I’ll possibly use the decals provided in the kit, but there are so many Beavers in nice colour schemes that is seems a shame not to try and emulate something a bit more colourful than the blue and white of the kit. I expect it’ll take me a while to get her covered up nicely so there is a bit of time to ponder! The picture below is her pinned together before the covering starts, I’m pretty pleased with how the build has turned out, lets hope I don’t make a mess of the covering!



ModelAir Festival of Flight at Old Warden

dsc_1097For the last couple of years I’ve been making an effort to get to as many of the shows run by Model Air at Old Warden as possible, although what with moving house and the family, this year I only managed to get along to the last one of the year, the Festival of Flight in September.

Its always a bit of a gamble with the weather in September, but despite the 5 day forecast earlier in the week predicting thunder and lightning, the weekend turned out pretty nice. Saturday was a little windy – maybe 15mph, gusting to 20+ but the rain held off and the sun shone all day.   Sunday looks to have been the better day judging by the video below.

We visited on the Saturday, again taking my 3 year old with me who seems to enjoy wandering around and looking at planes, particularly enjoying all the stalls. Only the very bravest of the free flight brigade were out, but the RC and CL boys made up for it with pretty constant flying. Sunday looks to have been far better attended, thanks I imagine to the much calmer air. I shot a few pics while wandering around, they can be seen on the gallery page here.

Video thanks to wondefulcat:

Copying iCloud PhotoStream photos to a directory.

A while ago I stopped using either Aperture or iPhoto to manage my photos and switched to Lightroom. Pretty much the only downside of switching was the lack of PhotoStream import. This lead to me having a bit of a poke around on the filesystem and see where the Apple products were getting the photos from.

It turns out that once you have installed either Aperture or iPhoto the iCloud system preference lets you enable PhotoStream support. What this actually happens in the background is some system service is enabled which downloads the photos into a directory under ~/Library.  I intended to keep Aperture installed, so I figured I could just write a short bit of code to walk this directory, pulling out photos and putting them into a directory of my choosing.

I’ve put the script up on git hub, which you can find here. Feel free to copy it and use it, drop me a line if you have any issues.

Guillows DHC-2 Beaver

g305bSo I’ve started another build, this time though I’ve decided to build something smaller. I’ve got quite a few RC planes sitting around and I’m not getting much time to fly them, so that got me thinking: What could I build which would be enjoyable but wouldn’t either cost much, or take up much room.

After a bit of a ponder I hit upon the idea of a small rubber powered free flight model.  A bit of research and I happened on the lovely Guillows kit of the Beaver, an aircraft I’ve always thought pretty.

The build has only just started, with just a few formers being fixed to the central fuselage crutch, I’m uploading pics as I go to the gallery here. The pic below shows the left hand formers drying.



Spektrum Model Memory reader

Screenshot on 2013-08-23 at 20.10.38

I use a Spektrum radio to fly my planes and helis, which has the ability to save model memories from the transmitter onto an SD card. A while ago this lead me to think it might be useful to create a website whereby people could upload saved model files and share them easily with others using simple web links. Building on this idea I thought it might be nice to offer some sort of visualisation of the saved model file on the web.

I’ve had an attempt at building this, it is early days yet but so far you can register, login, upload a model and view some basic information about the saved file. The site is at http://spektrum.riviera.org.uk/ at the moment the only model uploaded is a file from my DX8 which is used for my Edge 540QQ, you can view that here.

Blade 4503d news


I just noticed the Blade 450 page hasn’t been updated since 2011! The little heli hasn’t been forgotten about, I’m currently flying it about twice a week thanks to moving house and finding a lovely field on the way to work. It would be rude not to put at least a couple of packs through. The guys at work find this very amusing, often asking how many packs I put through it each morning, and in the case of the one recent crash, guessing I had stuffed it from my mood on arrival :)