Spoke too soon!

After the stripped hex and the first (!) smoking electronics incident I had hoped we’d have a period of trouble free use. Sadly this was not to be. After replacing the hex I drove the car slowly across the living room and all seemed well.

The following weekend the lad and I went out to the woods to have a bash, but as he drove away the car stuttered and then stopped, within seconds of stopping smoke was again pouring out of the bodywork 🙁. I managed to rip open the top of the body and get the LiPo disconnected to prevent any more damage, but that was clearly the end of that.

Now I’m normally a fan of Hobby King, I almost exclusively use their batteries and servos in my Aircraft however this was one failure too far. I can forgive the stripped hex (although I’ve never seen that before) but two sets of electronics going up in smoke (literally!) with the second being a much higher spec than the first is too much for me to want to pour more good money after bad.

It was decided to chuck it up in the loft and move onto something else. But what next I wonder?

For reference, both times the car was running on a 2s LiPo, we never ran it on anything else.