Vintage Model Company Tiger Moth

After having fun building the Hurricane and the Sparrow Hawk, the VMC Tiger Moth caught my eye, having always liked the lines of the De Havilland line of aircraft I fancied trying a free flight one.

It was built according to the plan with no changes, although I now plan to install some small magnets to hold the nose on and to give it some much needed nose weight. It has a few test flights at Old Warden in May 2017, hopefully she’ll be back in the air this (2019) year.

I initially balanced it as per the plan, but after a few test flights it became obvious it needed quite a bit more nose weight, more than I had with me at the time so we packed it away and continued to fly the Sparrow Hawk.

The nose block was also a little loose, so I think some small magnets will help that stay on while adding some much needed nose weight. Once I’ve got those in place and a few more test flights I’ll add the decals to finish her off. The daughter has already requested it is hung from her ceiling 😀.



Nearly finished

Ready for the maiden

And a few shots of it as it was at the time of the maiden:

Office pictures from VMC