Vintage Model Company Tiger Moth

After having fun building the Hurricane and the Sparrow Hawk({{ ref “” }}), the VMC Tiger Moth caught my eye, having always liked the lines of the De Havilland line of aircraft I fancied trying a free flight one.

It was built according to the plan with no changes, although I now plan to install some small magnets to hold the nose on and to give it some much needed nose weight. It has a few test flights at Old Warden in May 2017, hopefully she’ll be back in the air this (2019) year.

I initially balanced it as per the plan, but after a few test flights it became obvious it needed quite a bit more nose weight, more than I had with me at the time so we packed it away and continued to fly the Sparrow Hawk.

The nose block was also a little loose, so I think some small magnets will help that stay on while adding some much needed nose weight. Once I’ve got those in place and a few more test flights I’ll add the decals to finish her off. The daughter has already requested it is hung from her ceiling 😀.



Nearly finished

Ready for the maiden

And a few shots of it as it was at the time of the maiden:

Office pictures from VMC