I’ve not written about the Team Associated B64s we now own yet, which I’ll get round to at some point but suffice to say the kids have one and I have my own. When I received mine, the ESC case was broken with signs of it being cyno’ed back together at least once. I did the same again hoping it would last for a good while. I’ve since heard anecdotal evidence that these Reedy ESC’s are known to have weak cases.

Well… Last weekend we went racing with the guys from my flying club. Who it turns out mostly run 1/8 scale cars and, unlike the car club we also race with, were mostly bashing around the track. I got a few good laps in, the Ballistic Buggy Spike tyres giving good grip on our astro turf runway.

And then the inevitable happened, I flipped the car, there was no marshalling so the car sat stranded upside down, then 💥 I got hit hard in the left hand side by a big truggy going at speed. Immediately I noticed that applying throttle had no effect so I feared the wost.

Back at home it was clear the ESC case had broken again but this time when I lifed the PCB out of the case one of the little yellow transistors (maybe? I’m no electronics expert) was sitting in the bottom of the case. Oh well ¯\(ツ)/¯ you live and learn.

Asking some of the members of our car racing club, the suggestion was a Hobbywing Quicrun 10BL120 Sensored ESC would be a good replacement, so I placed an order with Modelsport and got one sent.

Last night I got it installed and soldered to the motor, it all seems fine we are back and ready for the next outing.