Sand Scorcher Progress

IMG_2323 IMG_2324While having some time off work one of the unfinished, long term projects I wanted to crack on with was painting the Sand Scorcher. I had filled, sanded and primed it a while back so I gave it a few coats of white before leaving it for a week.

I pondered over masking the blue for quite some time, the curves had me worried. Initially I thought I could cut out some masks, in-fact that was the plan until quite by chance I stumbled across some Tamiya flexible masking tape while browsing in my local HobbyCraft. It turns out this is wonderful stuff, making short work of all the curves on the ‘box art’ scheme.

Now its sitting on a shelf waiting for me to polish it up with some finishing compound and then apply the decals.

Taylorcraft Assembly

IMG_2273Given some time off work, and the finishing of the Fournier, I figured time was right to make a start on the Taylorcraft. Assembly so far has been pretty smooth, with only a couple of niggles:

  1. The fittings for the servo arms to take the control rods were a mess, the threads where all out of kilter and none of the supplied screws fitted. I replaced these with Multiplex items.
  2. The holes in the top of the fuselage for the wing dowels were too small and too low, I managed to ease these with a file and it all now fits securely and easily.
  3. The motor mounting holes are, as ever with Eflite, imperial. So my metric X mount needed easing to fit. Not a tough job, but I do so wish the entire world used metric!

It wasn’t long before I had the wings and the tail feathers sorted. All that is left to do is mount the ESC, the cowl and the spats and she is ready.



Nu at Northala Fields

We had a bit spare time recently, so we popped over to Northala Fields to have some fun with my daughters Sea Rover, it worked as faultlessly as ever. She is becoming ever more confident with the steering, although still not quite getting the hang of the steering and throttle at the same time, so dad manages the throttle while she steers.

Smoking Desert Fox

76293s3(3)We’ve been having a lot of fun with the Desert Fox, it is so much more powerful than the brushed/NiMH powered Tamiya buggies we were used to, capably handling pretty much any terrain we throw at it.

There is a great RCGroups thread about it here, in there several people have warned that the supplied 40A ESC isn’t really up to it. Well on our fourth trip out the poor thing had smoke pouring from the ESC, I quickly removed the battery and thankfully avoided any fire.

Seeing as we were soon to go on holiday to visit grand dad I considered my options:

  1. Go through the famous Hobby King RMA process, only to get another 40A ESC which is just as likely to blow up.
  2. Take it on the chin and accept the cheap car was cheap and upgrade the motor/ESC.

25140Figuring option 2 would mean the buggy was usable for the vacation and also probably better off in the long run I took the plunge and bought a 3250KV motor and 80A ESC combo.  It was pretty quick to fit, just requiring a battery connector to e added.

Happily this plugged right in and the car spent a happy week tearing up the beach in Teignmouth.

Sea Rover lights

So a good while back I renovated the Sea Rover for my daughter I fancied adding lights, at the time I bought a RC switch and a couple of LEDs but never bought the little fittings for them. At Wings and Wheels last year (2015) I found some little white metal fittings which looks to be about the right size. Well this week I have finally got round to filing them into shape, glueing them up and painting them. They are now installed and working nicely from the spare third channel on the transmitter.

Below is a little video of them turning on and off, exciting!