• Tiger Moth Finished

    This has taken an embarassing amount of time to finish, so long in fact that I had to go back through my photos to figure out when I bought it and actually started it, rough timeline is as follows:

    • Purchased at the May Fly in 2017
    • Started almost immediately
    • First flown without any decals or details at the May Fly in 2018 - discovered it was very tail heavy.
    • Finally finished in May 2019 - too late for this years May Fly ️️☹️

    Phew, oh well other things got done in the mean time and its finally finished. I’ve added the windscreens and the decals and tidied up the odd little bit here and there. It ended up weighing 32g with a single loop of 3/32" rubber (as specified in the kit), needing 8g of nose weight to balance. I used the Delux Materials Liquid Gravity, which I poured down a straw into the base of the nose, fixing in place with some thick cyano.

    Now I’m waiting for some time and weather to go and test fly it again ;)

    I’ve added a little gallery of the finished thing over on the dedicated page.