• Blackjack 29 First Run

    I can’t believe this has been 3 years coming 🙁. It was May 2016 when I bought the hull of this boat up at the May Fly. I fitted it out with an 120A AquaStar ESC and suitable motor, sorted all the wiring and the plumbing. Then sort of forgot about it, eventually getting moved from the shed into the loft which is the death knell for any model around here. This was partly compounded by our local boating lake springing a leak and being left empty by the local council for 18 months!

    We noticed a month or two ago that the pond was now full again plans were made to take the boats out again.

    The Sea Rover and Sea Nymph performed as well as they ever do - which was to say faultlessly. The kids soon got back into things and were happily chasing each other around the lake.

    While they were at it I grabbed the Blackjack, plugged in the packs (2 x 2s LiPos) and put it on the water. I was a little worried the pond wasn’t really big enough so caution was the name of the game on the throttle. I needn’t have worried however, it performed brilliantly. The pond is big enough for short full power bursts, helped a bit by the rate at which it sheds speed when you come off the power and it drops back onto the hull.

    My wife shot a little video of it which you can see below, amusing moment in this is I had forgotten to tape the hatch down and towards the end of the video it came flying off! Whoops

    Then I wondered how to get my now stranded hatch back? No need to worry, the kids jumped the challenge and were soon taking turns to push it a little further to the shore!