Given some time [off work]({{ “/2016/08/01/been-a-bit-quiet-lately/” | prepend: site.baseurl }}), and the finishing of the Fournier, I figured time was right to make a start on the Taylorcraft. Assembly so far has been pretty smooth, with only a couple of niggles:

  1. The fittings for the servo arms to take the control rods were a mess, the threads where all out of kilter and none of the supplied screws fitted. I replaced these with Multiplex items.
  2. The holes in the top of the fuselage for the wing dowels were too small and too low, I managed to ease these with a file and it all now fits securely and easily.
  3. The motor mounting holes are, as ever with Eflite, imperial. So my metric X mount needed easing to fit. Not a tough job, but I do so wish the entire world used metric!

It wasn’t long before I had the wings and the tail feathers sorted. All that is left to do is mount the ESC, the cowl and the spats and she is ready.