I’ve long liked the West Wings range of kits having purchased a Sea Fury some time ago (which remains unbuilt, sigh!), as well as nice kits they are a British company and how could I not support one of the few remaining British kit manufacturers.  This combined with watching a friend fly his Fournier with some gusto caused the impulse purchase of this kit while on holiday in Wiltshire.

It has been in my unbuilt pile for a year or so, but over easter I dug it out with the resolve that it would be next on the board.

I’ll post some pics of the build below as it progresses, and when I have a little time I’ll write up the power setup I plan to use.

Update posts can be found here.

Quick note to self, tested with a 3s pack, it drew 14.5Amps at 172W.

Build Photos

Finished Model