Well, I’m pleased to say that after 8 months she is finished! Weighing in at 550 grams gives me a little under 100 watts per pound, so that should be plenty for a little vintage model. I took her over to the flats today for a maiden but it was a bit too windy for me to want to chance it.

I’ve sort of fallen out of love with it over the months, it was a struggle to push myself to finish it. The covering was the final annoyance, the Litespan not shrinking enough for some of the curves, and then after I added the blue trim to the front of the fuselage I ran out of balsaloc. Being too tight to buy a new tub just for a few strips on the wings and tail I ended up painting those, which moderate success!

I’m pleased I’ve finished before starting on the next one, I don’t want to end up with a few unfinished models hanging around the place, beside which, I’ve got no space for the ones that are finished as it is 🙂

I’ll write some more once she has flown.

Right, NEXT!