Bought on impulse in May. The shop didn’t have any batteries, so I bought three of these (Link dead, (3s 500mAh 20C) from Hobby King.

Its now mid September and I’m flying this thing more regularly than pretty much everything else in my fleet with the possible exception of my Blade 450 heli. It has spent the last four months on the parcel shelf of the car, TX and batteries on hand, flown at every opportunity. Which is normally in a field on the way to work, for a cheeky 20 minute flying session. I’ve even had my charger out on my desk at work so I can have another fly on the way home 🙂

Its lost its spinner (nose in accident), a few props and is now sans UC because the rough field I’ve been flying from caused it to nose over on landing. As a result the bottom of the fuselage is looking a little worse for ware, but is still structurally sound!

I’ve just replaced the rudder servo after the spinner destroying accident with a Turnigy unit from Hobby King which seems absolutely fine and rather cheap. I’ll certainly be using that model again if I break any more servos!

Updates July 2014

This is still being thrown around the sky pretty regularly, I have discovered a nice field on the way to work so if the weather and my schedule permits I stop off and put a few packs through it. I stuffed it pretty badly recently, breaking the prop and snapping the fus. just in front of the tailplane. It didn’t break off completely though and some UHU Por got it back together again 🙂  It is definitely not flying as well as it once did but that is to be expected given the few repairs etc! I’ve got my eye on the new Inverza 280, so at some point I’ll probably accidentally buy one of those at some point, but until then this is still seeing plenty of airtime.


I found this video which suggests a couple of simple upgrades, might be worth a try later on.

Bookmarks for anything found while researching this aircraft here.