Tiling, gah

IMG_2478I don’t know quite why, but I decided to tile the horrible downstairs bathroom. I’ve never done tiling before so it was a case of learning on the job. Things I wish I’d considered before I started:

  1. Choosing a ‘brick’ pattern means more cutting, and more fiddling around at the corners.
  2. Choosing a bevel edge tile makes grouting much more effort.
  3. Choosing a really small room for your first attempt isn’t wise.
  4. Choosing a room with a pitched ceiling means lots of cutting awkward angles. See 1!

Oh well, its done now. Onward!


One thought on “Tiling, gah

  1. Richard Atherton

    I read your article about controlling a Maplin Power Socket with a Rasberry Pi. Brilliant, but a bit over my head. I am trying something easier – to control it with my Samsung s6 Infrared blaster. I can’t find the codes necessary to do this. Can you help?
    Thanks from Crowthorne, UK
    Richard – richard@athertons.com

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