Always having a soft spot for the Sea Fury, I really took a shine to this Reno Racer scheme variant. Hobby King had an amazing discount in their Black Friday sale last year (2015) with this entire plug and fly aircraft reduced to only £60. Christmas was coming up so a word with SWMBO secured an early present.

I’m slightly embarrassed to say she is still sat in her box in the loft. I’d need to buy at least a couple of 6s 5000mAh lipos for her which I keep putting off. And then I read some of the commentary in RcGroups threads like this one, and begin to wonder if she is worth the effort. I’ll ponder some more over the summer, but she might find herself in the annual club bring and buy come the autumn.

If I had more space in the office I’d be tempted to hang her up, she really does look awesome!

Her page is here.