I’m a bit behind in updating the blog, but I thought it was about time to have a bit of a spree. Last spring I took the sledge hammer to the old shed which we inherited when we bought this house.

There is a very useful (maybe 12’ wide) path down the side of the house, between us and the neighbours where the previous owner had a couple of sheds. One of these looked very recent and in good condition, the other looked, well somewhat worse for wear. I had hoped it would last a season or two, but after a couple of weeks of rain everything inside was either sodden or mouldy, so a plan was hatched to replace it come spring.

As luck would have it just before the new shed was due to arrive I had a guy come to replace the rear fence, he was happy to remove all the bits of the shed with the old fence, which left me a nice clear space.

I bought a 10x5 Pent shed which is the biggest which would fit, managing to find one with doors in the long side, which meant I could use all the space available to me. A bit of wiring and a new bench later and it was starting to look like a proper shed.  This online guide suggested how to make a handy model rack, so I followed their guidance and a good chunk of the fleet are now happily hanging up. I was going to build a bench, but the one in the picture on the right was a kit on ebay for 30 quid, which I thought was reasonable, so that made a welcome addition.