For the last couple of years I’ve been making an effort to get to as many of the shows run by Model Air at Old Warden as possible, although what with moving house and the family, this year I only managed to get along to the last one of the year, the Festival of Flight in September.

Its always a bit of a gamble with the weather in September, but despite the 5 day forecast earlier in the week predicting thunder and lightning, the weekend turned out pretty nice. Saturday was a little windy - maybe 15mph, gusting to 20+ but the rain held off and the sun shone all day.   Sunday looks to have been the better day judging by the video below.

We visited on the Saturday, again taking my 3 year old with me who seems to enjoy wandering around and looking at planes, particularly enjoying all the stalls. Only the very bravest of the free flight brigade were out, but the RC and CL boys made up for it with pretty constant flying. Sunday looks to have been far better attended, thanks I imagine to the much calmer air. I shot a few pics while wandering around, they can be seen on the gallery page here.

Video thanks to wondefulcat: