Onboard Roo

We are down in Wiltshire at the moment and as ever we brought the boat I built for Edward last year. He loves to take it down to the pond in the pleasure gardens. This time I brought my 808 camera and attached it into the cabin in the boat. The little video we shot is below.

4 thoughts on “Onboard Roo

  1. Awesome dude. From the camera angle it’s hard to tell it’s on the bow of a model boat.

    Might just be rough seas in that pond. 🙂

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  4. robin

    Hey Timbo, yeah it came out looking pretty cool me and the lad were pleased. The camera was playing up and didn’t record everything, in the earlier shot, he took the boat right up to some baby ducks, they might have given the game away, OMG ENORMOUS DUCKS!

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