As I mentioned a couple of days ago, the Blade 130 had a little argument with a patio and stripped a couple of teeth from the  bevel gear which feeds power to the tail rotor. Thanks to quick delivery from Fast Lad (Broken link a new, upgraded metal gear has arrived.

Tonight I sat down to fit the new gear and tail, this is where I made a small mistake which cost me about an hour of time, but thankfully no damage to the heli. I now know that to replace the bevel gear you can simply disconnect the swash from the head, remove a couple of screws and yank the head and main shaft straight out of the heli. I tried this, but it didn’t feel like the main shaft was going to part company from the main drive gear at the bottom. So I decided the only way forward was to separate the two chassis halves and take the shaft out that way.

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DON’T DO THAT! Of course does work, but it is one hell of a job. The proper way is shown in the video below, oh well it’s back together and flying OK. At least I learnt a bit about how it is all held together 😉