Between house moving noise and a silly busy period at work, I’ve not been getting out much. The Tuc is seeing some progress in the evenings, but that has been about it. The clocks went forward a couple of weeks ago, bringing lighter evenings but since then we have had seriously strong gales. This week however we have been graced by a nice spot of low wind and sunshine.

As a result I’ve been getting out into the garden with the 130x almost daily, most times putting all three batteries through it.  I’m getting a pleasant 6 mins out of the two Overlander batteries, with the charger reporting about 300/350 mAh going back in so they could be pushed even more.

Last night I had a little crash which snapped off the lower 2/3 of the tail fin, so I’ll have to order a new one and I have stripped a couple of gears on the main bevel gear which feeds power to the tail shaft. I’m going to replace it with the metal optional part (BLH3735). Even with a few teeth and the fin gone she flys just fine though!