[]({{ “/uploads/2013/02/url.jpeg” | prepend: site.baseurl }})Its been a while since I posted anything about the aquarium, I bought it in January of 2012, so we’ve had it for over a year. I’ve no idea how that year went so quick! We have a good mix of fish in there now, the four original Zebra Danios are still with us, joined bya pair of orange Mollys, a pair of black Mollys and a single orange and a white one. In addition the Siamese Fighting Fish is still doing well. ¬†I have noticed of late that with 11 fish in the tank it needs cleaning more regularly than it used to. Speaking to a couple of experienced fish keepers I know they both¬†recommended¬†upgrading the in-tank filter which was supplied with the original starter kit, and if buying a new filter then it was wise to go with an external one, rather than an internal one like we have.

After visiting a couple of local fish shops I settled on a Fluval 206 external filter which is capable of filtering a tank of 200 litres. This is far more than I need for our little 50l tank, but I hope to get a bigger tank after we move so this should future proof me somewhat.