I’ve just noticed that in part 5 of this build I was wondering where 6 weeks went, well now four whole months have passed since I made an update about the poor Demon. Between a first birthday of our daughter, Christmas and putting our how up for sale, time has gone by in a flash.

Progress has been made however and things are looking good. The fuselage is done and the servos installed, I’ve yet to put balsa infill where the closed loop and pushrods will exit, but the rest is finished and sanded. The tailplane and fin are done and sanded, awaiting covering. And lastly as you can see, she now has wings. Built as per plan with the exception of the 1/64" ply covering the centre section. I added this to give some protection from the bands which will be used to hold the wings on.

I’m almost ready to start covering her up, just a wee bit of faffing about first. Couple of pics below, the rest are on this page.