Only one so far, the Diver, number 6.

  1. Evil Robot with a laser gun.

  2. Conquistador with a rapier.

  3. Lederhosen Guy with a pretzel.

  4. Cowgirl with a brown lasso.

  5. American Football Player with gold trophy.

  6. Diver with a harpoon.

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  1. Downhill Skier with skis.

  2. Businessman with newspaper and suitcase.

  3. Fairy with wings and a wand.

  4. Santa with sack.

  5. Vampire Bat with bat wings.

  6. DJ with a disc and a disc case.

  7. Red Cheerleader with red pom poms.

  8. Actor with a skull.

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  1. Pirate Captain with gold cutlass and hook.

  2. Alien Villainess with a laser gun.