Diamond Demon build – part 5

Blimey, where did 6 weeks go!? After finishing off the lads boat, I’ve now tidied up a bit and started on the Demon again.

As you can see, I’ve got the UC bent up and mounted and the former glued into the fuselage. That is probably it for tonight while the Epoxy sets. Tomorrow I’ll crack on with building up the front of the fuselage and test mounting the motor.

3 thoughts on “Diamond Demon build – part 5”

  1. robin got my demon the other week going to put a p a w 1 cc in it and leave her as a free flight model , what wheels are you going to use , i see the ben buckle web site has some 3″ inch wheels for sale , but the plan calls for 2 1/2 ” . ps the wagtail flies great .

  2. Hi Dave, glad the Wagtail is flying ok! Sorry it has taken me a while to respond to your comment, we have had the builders in which has caused much disruption as you can imagine! I found a couple of 2″ wheels in a local model shop, I’m not sure they are going to look right though, so I may continue to look for some 2 1/2″ ones. Glad to hear you are putting a diesel in it, the smell of diesel brings back such memories! I’ve just finished the wing panels last night, they need a little bit of fettling and joining to the centre section and then I’m done. Everything needs a thorough sanding and then onto the covering. I ought to take some pics and update the blog when I get a minute!

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