I had a bit of a think this afternoon, considering the options for the rudder servo. Initially I was going to try the closed-loop/pulley idea, but having had a root around in the spares box, found nothing suitable. So I plumped for the rudder at the back and some sort of seat to hide it option.

The rudder is in and the servo mounted on a couple of bearers, everything has been tested with the radio and seems fine.

The next thing was the power pack. I had pondered splitting a pack into two 3 cell packs, but decided against this because my son and I sometimes still put these packs back in the HotShot. I’ve come up with a solution though, having eased the middle former a little (about 1/4") it fits without having to raise the cabin floor that much. It probably would look better lower but I’m happy with how it has gone together. I’ve also put little bearers around the outside of the hatch for it to rest on. Of course I am hoping that cutting a chunk out of the middle of that former wont weaken the boat too much! My thinking is that this boat was designed for a 1-1.5cc diesel which would cause a load more vibration and stress than my little leccy motor.

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