Before I start let me say I’m a complete beginner with model boats, I have been building and flying planes and helis for a while. So what got me into this boat lark?

I have a toddler (~3years old) who we quite often take to the children’s play area in a local park; Broomfield Park here in London. On the way to the kids area there is a fairly well attended model boat club using what I believe to be a purpose built boating lake which dates from many years ago. He loves watching the little boats on the pond, seemingly more interested in them than my noisy planes! One day my wife suggested I build him a little boat, well how could I refuse!

I’m a great fan of vintage model aircraft, and while flipping through a ’70s vintage Keil Kraft catalogue I found a selection of boats from the Aerokit range, a bit of googling later lead me to the Vintage Model Boat Company, (who are no more, having been bought by SLEC). They produce laser cut kits of some of this range. Not being one to think things through completely before diving in! I soon found myself in possession of a Sea Nymph kit 🙂

So this is how I got here, the rough plan is to try and use a 7.2v buggy NiMH pack and a receiver out of a car I no longer use. The kit came with a 385 (I think?) motor and I have a spare 9g mini servo. So I’ll need a rudder, prop shaft, prop and ESC.

Being mostly a thing for my kid to play with I dont intend to go to town on detailing. Simple but nicely done is sort of what I’m aiming for!

This is a scan of the KK catalogue.

You can read through all the posts about the Sea Nymph build here.