I have been keen to have a ride on this new cable car ever since I first heard it was being built. Well today was the day, off  we went down to Docklands for a return trip on the cable car. It is brilliant, I loved it! I was amazed by how little it sways around despite the relatively high wind today. Also it is almost silent as it goes along so you get a lovely peaceful view of London from the air.

Like the London Eye it never stops, so you have to get on it whilst it is in motion, ok for those of us that can walk but was a bit of a challenge with the Phil & Teds buggy!  On the return trip they had to stop it while we were suspended in the middle of the river, as it came to a stop it swayed quite a lot which was a bit of a weird feeling 🙂

I shot a few bits of video which you can see below.