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So this week was slightly maddening. After putting four tanks through the 81 on the bench, and then a further two in the airframe I wasn’t expecting any problems when I got over to the flats. Hmm, how wrong can you be? Wednesday was a beautiful day, I managed to get over to our flying field at about half seven. Assembled the Acro, filed the tank, started the motor, then it died on me. Cut a long story short I spent 30 plus minutes fiddling with it before I got it running sort of ok. It sounded a bit lumpy but I figured it would be ok, so I taxied out of the pits and took off. A couple of short circuits later and she conked out at maybe 50 foot. Eeek! Gliding her home wasn’t the end to the first flight I was hoping!

I got her down in the middle of the patch and without any damage, which I have to admit I was quite proud of! Trying to restart it, the motor started to make very unhappy noises so I gave up for the day. Out came the Wot 4, which never misses a beat!

Next day I pulled the motor out of the airframe, put a new plug in and checked under the rocker cover and in the cam housing. I couldn’t see anything amiss and she felt right when turned over. Back on the bench, a couple of tanks went through it without any hint of a problem, so back in the airframe it went. Now awaiting the next trip to the flats.