First step was to laminate the fin outline:

I’ve never attempted laminating or bending wood before, so I’m pretty pleased with the outcome.

Next up was the central crutch of the fuselage

Going to need a bigger building board then! I think doing it in stages will suffice for the Demon, but the Matador will certainly need something bigger!

The last bit I’ve done is the main former which holds the UC and originally the bearers for the motor. I’m going to mount my outrunner on some threaded rods bolted directly to this. Bending up the UC was a cause for some trepidation, but with a vice and a decent wire bender I got there. Its not perfect but the Axles line up so I’m happy with the result.

The next step is to build a load of triangular formers for the lower fuselage, that’ll have to wait until tomorrow.